Saturday, June 25, 2011

Analysis of the infamous 'Face on Mars' image from 1976, which caused a huge stir when it was released

Read more: Best comment to this article about "structures" on Mars:
"The face on Mars is actually a laser sculpture of the former Anunnaki ruler of planet Nibiru. The present ruler, Lord Anu, defeated the other in hand-to-hand combat. So Lord Anu banished the other ruler to live on Mars where he died 15,000 years later. After his death, the Anunnaki carved his image on one of the Marsian hills from their spaceship. The name of this deposed ruler is given in Sitchin's books. The Anunnaki were banished from this solar system after the Piol Johnie captured Lord Anu's sons EN.KI and EN.LIL. Queen Inanna left in 1998 after retrieving her artifacts here on earth. Then Lord Anu came through in 1999. His two sons left with him. So there is nobody on Nibiru at the moment. This information appears in Nostradamus' Q10 72 quatrain. As for the Bio Station Alpha, there is our underground base on Mars known as MEPI (Mars Experimental Planetary Institute). The Bio Station does have a reflective colored surface showing a cylindrical surface."
- JohnStClair, USA, 7/6/2011

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