Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Great Dog Food Scam of 2008

The following conversation took place in the subway in Washington DC.

Man: "gosh, it is hot in here"
Woman: "not as hot as at grandma's"
Man: "you are right there! Man, she must be having a heating bill"
Woman: "not as high as her telephone bill"
Man: "oh, who is she calling?"
Woman: "grandpa"
Man: "but he died years ago!"
Woman: "No reason to stop conversing"
Man (incredulous): "you got to be kidding."
Woman (annoyed): "I talk to him too, regularly"
Man (surprised): "really? What about?"
Woman: "all kinds of topics. War and peace, clothing, the great dog food scam, Stalin, cheesecake, car repairs, detergent..."
Man (curious): the great dog food scam?"
Woman (impatient): yeah, the scam of 2008 - where they put dioxin as an additive in canned dog food"
Man: "unbelievable what people do..."
Woman: "you mean: talking to the death?"
Man: "no - turning up the heat in their houses. Or in this subway for that matter"
Woman: "yes. It is hot"

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