Saturday, February 22, 2014

What I learned from my dog

We have had our dog Buddy for about five years and he learns a lot from us. I have also learned from my dog. Many things.
1. You don't need possessions to be happy
2. Enjoy your food. Table-manners only distract from the job at hand
3. It is great to be outside and to enjoy nature
4. Exercise and running about is the best thing there is, especially if we do it together
5. You don't need to own a couch because you can share it with your fellow humans
6. The pack is the most important thing in life. As long as the pack is together everything is fine
7. If somebody wants to enter the house it must be protected. Leave that to me
8. Forgive. Don't dwell on mistakes the other members of the pack have made
9. Never stop learning. You can learn something new every day
10. Don't worry about the future. Live here and now. Forget about religion
11. Why travel? Home is as beautiful as it gets
12. Sleep. Sleep a lot. Especially in the sun, even when it's hot and summer
13. I love other dogs but my master is always better
14. Be modest. Nevertheless, study your pack and learn how to play your master like a fiddle - it makes your life so much easier

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